Interested in Purchasing from iHeartDogs Wholesale?

We are opening up the ability for select businesses and non-profits to buy products for resale from at their physical location(s).

You can expect:
1. An amazing purpose and impact. Every product clearly contributes to a need that all customers can relate to.

2. Proven, high value products.

3. Awesome support.

4. Great margins.

*Please note our typical opening order requirement is $250 - $500.

The following form will determine if your business qualifies to participate in our iHeartDogs Wholesale Program.
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Once your account is approved, we will send over our current products, pricing, etc.
PLEASE NOTE: By submitting this application, you are requesting to become a reseller of and our associated brands. At iHeartDogs, we believe that our growth and success in the pet market stems from our commitment to our values, our mission, our dedicated business partners and, most importantly, our loyal customers. We have always taken great pride in our relationships with our customers. Since day one, iHeartDogs has determined a Manufacturer’s Minimum Retail Price (MMRP) for all our products, in order to maintain fairness amongst the different retail outlets selling our line. We expect all our retailers to abide by this policy and price our products accordingly. We do not sell to retailers who offer deep ongoing discounts, or those that fail to maintain our accepted price levels. We want everyone to win :) *

Sound good?
Sound good?
Thank you for your interest in! We are excited to connect and will be in touch shortly.
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